Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fambam Finally.

This past Saturday was my dad's birthday, and instead of our regular dinner time celebration, we decided to switch things a bit and have breakfast instead. My parents, H, Jude and I had gotten there first, and there was a quiet chatter between us before my brother and HJ got to the table from the city. When they finally arrived, it felt happy and complete, there was a hum of contentment and buzz of excitement that my parents were back from New York at last. I'm not sure if we all had gone through a life changing year and we had all met at this one perfect moment, where all of the peace in our lives had collided at one particular time, but we felt whole. All of us. I'm not sure when it happened, but our family had finally jelled together and I had even texted my sister in law that night, "I was so happy today with the fam bam." She felt the same thing. Then when my brother added a new profile picture of the family picture we took during the new year, I knew something was lurking in the water for us.

There was a time where our family was the contention not only for the newly engaged couple in marital counseling, but also for the people already born into it. For a stretch of time, there had been drama with the Property (with a capital P), tending to the elderly and divvying up the remaining "riches" (and I use that term loosely), and just plain quarreling between us because of outside forces. As people we really do like each other and when we get a little food and drink in us, we will act like old friends, even though we are father, mother, brother and sister.  I'm thankful for the family I have because we are so expressive one another, spanning from words of warmth, words that stab and words just plain funny. H once said that he sees so much drama between the Kong family and we are quite clear on where we stand with one another, which is why there is great intimacy. I never thought of it that way, I just thought of it the other way around, we are a tight knit family that is knit too tight that we can't help but to repel each other now and again.

It's another thing to enter into a family knit so tight, you can't get a needle in to thread a new thread to patch in a new patch. I think H felt this way when he first entered into the family, but there was a distinct moment H realized without knowing when it happened, that he was part of the too tight knitted group. After all the ebb and flow of six distinct, sinful, beautiful and live out loud people have corralled together for the last big chunk of years, we have finally settled into a peaceful state. I look back on the hardship and I truly see that my family have been there for every bit of it and I want say that I was there for them too. Thankful.

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