Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PC Malarky

No, this entry is not about the PC vs Mac Battle Royale that's been all the rage in the "Computer Geeks R Us" community chat room, but really, I mean Political Correctness. I recently had a couple run ins about my activity on Facebook and there is a reason why I deleted 400 of my 900 "friends." I'm little bit torn here, as a writer, whether to devote this entry on why I hate Facebook and how it's only a necessary evil or the political correctness and America's obsession with being equal and innocuous. For the sake of chuckles amongst friends, I put up a picture of a 5 year boy, sitting naked trying to "cut" off his little wee wee with a plastic knife. It was harmless and in my eyes, understandable why he would feel compelled to. Its a danging piece of flesh that he obviously don't see the need for. My father sent this picture to me with a caption, "this is why boys need to be chaperoned at all times". I would show this to my pastor! However, after a string of funny captions and comments from my actual friends on facebook, I get a few that warned me that this might be illegal.

What's illegal? The plastic knife? The 5 year old wee wee? oh...naked child, child porn. I had no idea that this would constitute as child porn, perversion, decay of human purity and all that is good. A few months ago, my girl friend had posted up pictures of her 5 month of baby girl in her little tub, sitting pretty in all her chubby nakedness. I had comments from people that she should have covered up her "you know what" and that if that were my little girl, I would never put up that picture for my friends to see. Why? because you are so sinful that you can't see a 5 month old girl naked without falling into complete perversion? Must I cover up our faces, our smiles, our free spirited-ness too because I might seduce you into falling in love with me? Must we save you from your own indecency?

I know that this world is a harmful place, and I'm not naive to say that there aren't people out there who are willing and looking to molest our children, rape our young girls and exploit our boys. I'm not blind to that...but can we trust our friends? Can we trust each other by knowing one another? To see things in the context of THEM and who they are and not ascribe general world perversion to one another? Where are we safe? Who can we show our true selves to? We are weary of even our family members and friends now a days. I'm offended because you can't trust me to be a decent person.

Apart from how this effects me, how did America, the country where the motto is "work hard and earn hard" makes wimps of us all. The America, that is free and we are able to have freedom of speech and expression so muted. How did we become that country, where school boys and girls are given "consolation prizes" or "participation ribbons" and no one is a winner or a loser. Sure there is! There is definitely a winner and a loser in a race,game or a competition. How can we not acknowledge that? Because Johnny will feel like a loser and he would feel bad about himself? Sure! We all have lost and it's not fun. That's the natural feeling when you lose at something, but I don't understand why that feeling should be avoided all together? If you don't like the feeling of losing, don't lose. I'm sick of calling stewardesses, "flight attendants" secretaries, "administrative assistants" black people "African Americans" and virgins "hymen-ly challenged" (ok the last one is an iffy one) but you get the picture. Can we just say what we mean and cut the pleasantries?